Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

I want to bless others!

For me, my daily task it to bless someone every single day whether it be with a smile, a joke, a hug, a blog, a testimony, a gift, etc. There is no feeling for me better than knowing I made someone's day. Likewise, when God had positioned you where you can bless others please take full advantage of it. So, like I said before follow me people, I'm going places. As always, I pray God blesses you spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and financially. You know I ask that you pray the same for me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why:Too Many times

Hi family, as I told you many times before when I get inspiration to write a blog I usually wait a while and ask God to give me direction on how He wants me to put it out. Well, this time things are a little different. I got the inspiration to write this one, and immediately wanted to get to the computer to get started! So here goes!

If you read one of my recent blogs titled "Testimony", you would know that I'm on an spiritual and emotional high right now in my life. Now at the same time, as I mentioned before in a blog when God calls the devil always fights. The devil don't care nothing about you as long as you're doing anything and everything because he knows he still has first dibs on you. However, when you start to do right and get on the right track, he turns his attention to you. He feels like you're betraying him. Now this is true in my life, as I mentioned before all of my blogs are as much for me as they are for you. Everytime God brings me out or takes me to a new level it seems that the devil starts throwing all sort of little things at me to try to knock me off course.

Now, although the devil tries to knock us off course too many times we give him to much freedom in our lives. Too many times we empower him by letting the little things knock us off track. Too many times we do little things like not guard what comes out of our mouths, or in this generation our fingers(through texting and social networking). To many times we only call on the Lord when we're down and not thank Him when He's brought us through something.

So, the question is WHY? We have to keep going back on our knees and asking God to strengthen us through it all. Don't allow the devil to trip us up with the small speed bumps, when God has already brought us through the collision course. Don't allow the devil to ride, when you know he'll try to drive. Don't allow the devil to whisper in your ear, when you know he'll try to come in and control your every thought. When we allow him, we'll get that all to familiar question... WHY WOULD I WANT TO BE A CHRISTIAN WHEN YOU'RE DOING ALL THE SAME THINGS I DO? People always want better, and if we're not living better WHY would they want what we have. Remember Philippians 4:13 You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, if in fact you've given your life to Him!

As always I love each and every one of you. I pray that God will bless you spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and financially. I just ask that you pray the same prayer for me. Likewise, if this blesses you, comment and let me know and then send it or let someone else know about it. Don't keep the blessing to yourself, Share Life! Follow me on twitter also and my blog site God Bless!