Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Me Again Daddy!

Look Daddy, I know you have this whole world in your hands. I know you have riches that there is no word to describe. I know that at anytime you can work mighty miracles in anyone's life. So now Father I ask that you forgive me if I get in your way. Lord I'm at the place in life where I know if I ask you for something in Jesus's Name and leave it to you, you are able to work it out. So Daddy, as I have already told you bless me with the career that is in line with my divine potential. Bless me with a career that is going to bring me happiness as well as great finances. So, Daddy right now I am trusting you to work a mighty miracle in Felicia's and My life in Jesus Name. Likewise Father, the Man of God that you have place in our lives, reminds us all the time that the end result of obedience is always increase. So Father right now we are expecting our increase so that we might be able to go out and share our tesimony. Daddy just forgive me for always getting in your way!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Good Life:Well, Why is it so Hard?

Well people, I’m back again. I like to inspire people whenever a topic comes to mind, however I always try to wait a few days so God can give me how He wants me to put it out there to you. This time it is a little different, because I want to give you something that has inspired me because I’ve been talking about it so much. I feel like that is enough sign for me.

It’s funny sometimes how we think about life. It sometimes seems as though living the “good life” is not desirable because it seems too hard. Now when I say good life, I’m not talking about money, cars and clothes; I’m not talking about having any woman/man you want; I’m not talking about having everyone envying you. I’m talking about the Christ Life, because as I have found out, when you live the Christ Life then you are truly living the “good life”. I have talked to a few people lately about the same thing, so that is what I will share with you now. I feel that in life there are two extremes or sides: God and the satan! Likewise, I think there is a fence or imaginary line halfway between the two. Now, when you are on satan’s side or straddling that fence life seems so easy. In other words when you’re out there in the World living any kind of way it’s all good as it seems. Well, that is absolutely true and the reason is because the devil don’t care anything about you. He’s already got you in his corner pocket so why worry about you, he has bigger fish to fry. Likewise at the same time God is so sad, because He does not like a lukewarm saint. You can’t straddle the fence when you’re claiming to be a Christian. God is probably thinking,
“Wow, I see the future I have for Mike and yet he still slaps me in the face, he still spits in my face by taking for granted the second chance that I give him daily. I’ve seen his future so I’m trying to keep him so he can live long enough to see it, but if he don’t straighten up quick I don’t know if I could keep going through this cycle!”
Now, at the same time when you cross that line or get off that fence and get on God’s side, the devil gets frustrated and now he must draw his attention back to you. So now the problems start, because he starts to fight you on every hand. satan is going to try to do everything he can to pull you back over on his side. he’s going attack every weakness that he already knows you have. he’s going to make you inferior than who you really are in God on every hand. Who knows, even the very people you thought were all you had may be turned against you.

Now this is the interesting fact people… God allows satan to test you because guess what?... Now that you are God’s side he puts His hedge of protection around you, so no matter what the devil throws at you he can’t defeat you because you’re now in the Army of the Lord! So Christians WAKE UP! Realize that there is no TESTimony without a test! Realize that God’s is only allowing you to be pulled back so He can thrust you forward! Realize that you are the Righteousness of God! Realize that you are of a different cloth from those of the World! Realize that you are to be a light everywhere you go! Realize that you have to keep giving God affirmation that you are all the way for him so he can be all the way for you. If God be for you, who can be against you? So resolve to make the devil mad every chance you get by showing him that he can’t steal your joy. If you in that spot where you feel like it aint worth all this hardship, it aint worth all this struggle, it aint worth my fun… Just remember that if God will bring you to it, He can bring you through it! John 16:33 is one of my fiance’s favorite verses and if you read it you will see why it is. It sums up this whole blog entry, so go read it for yourself and be blessed!
As always I pray God blesses each and everyone who may read this, and continue to pray for me that God will continue to present me with opportunities to witness, opportunities to bless, opportunities to share my testimony! I love you all and God bless!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From Me to You Daddy!

Dear Father,

Sometimes in this life, it just seems like nothing we do is the right direction, nothing we do is pleasing in your sight. Then I just sit back and think that nothing negative can come from you Lord. So I know that it is the devil that wants us to feel that way. It is the devil that wants us to feel like we're too far from you for you to reach us. It is the devil that wants us to feel that you don't hear our prayers. So Father, I say to the devil "You are a lie, and you have no place in my life!" Even right now Father I feel like although I'm giving you praise and honor by witnessing, by loving, by blessing others, by spreading you every chance I get I'm still struggling, I'm still living paycheck to paycheck, I'm still having problems. But I hear in your word where it says, These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33) So Father I choose to make you proud by holding my head up, by smiling because I never know who my smile is going to bless, by witnessing in spite of, by shedding nothing but positivity every chance I get, by striving to be all that you want me to be, by keeping the faith in order to show you that I trust you!

So Daddy, I just ask that you continue to lead, guide and direct me in the way you would have me to go. Show me the career that you have placed on this Earth for me, for as I always pray... If you show me, I will obey... If you send me, I'll go... If you grant me opportunities to witness, I will capitalize on them. Daddy just help me to keep my confidence high in knowing that you are pulling me back to catapult me forward. You are giving me a test in order that I may have a testimony. You giving me work, so that it will pay off in riches and rewards in the Heavens. Lead me into my Divine Potential. Lead me into my Destiny. Lead me into my Appointment. Help me to live my life so that I may hear two words... WELL DONE!

Be blessed all of you that may read this. As always, if it blesses you don't hold it in for yourself. Tell someone else about it so that they can be blessed to!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I look back over my life, and I think things over... I can truly say that I've been blessed... I have a testimony! So many times people look at your current status and think "Wow you're livin large, or ballin, or doing it big; but I always say no I'm blessed. I know that I'm only 25, but when you're the youngest of 10 and you have siblings old enough to be your parents, you feel a lot older, wiser, and seasoned. Likewise, only if people knew what you've been through and how much you've lost, they would understand why you're so happy. They would understand why you have no other choice but to trust God. They would understand why you're always talking about God. They would understand why you're going after Christ more than ever. Now it's up to you to show people why it's worth it! No success is gained by a common man, so if it was easy to get it... it may not be worth it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


So, once again I'm here to spread some Godly love to you all through my writing. I was saying that my next blog would be on still living as a Christian after Easter, but last night I was inspired to do differently. At communion service, the First Lady of my church (Guiding Light Church) got up and God put it on her heart to talk about faithfulness. She was just saying how sometimes it's so hard for us to get to church. Sometimes it's so hard for us to do extra around the church. Many times we say or think that we got enough church this Sunday that we don't have to go back for the rest of the month. Or we maybe thinking, "Well, God understands that right now it's tough times and a rough economy so I don't have to give all of my tithes, or I don't have to go back to church tonight. Lord, you understand if I don't go to bible study this week." Then she went on to ask, "What if God did the same thing?" What if God said, well I wont intercede on Mike's behalf today, he'll be ok? What if God said, I don't have to answer Mike's prayers today it can wait. What if God said, I've done enough for Mike for a month or so. Now this next one is the one that got me... What if God withdrew the breath of life from our bodies for just one second, one Sunday, one month?... So, that is the inspiration behind this blog entry.

A few definitions for faithfulness
1.strict or thorough in the performance of duty: a faithful worker.
2.true to one's word, promises, vows, etc.
3.steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant: faithful friends.
4.reliable, trusted, or believed.
5.adhering or true to fact, a standard, or an original; accurate: a faithful account; a faithful copy.
6.Obsolete. full of faith; believing.

It's amazing that when you carefully read through just these afore mentioned definitions, how many of us can say that we're are truly this way to God?... Well, I know as for me I'm so thankful for His faithfulness. So many times we want God to work miracles that you don't even understand, but yet we still remain to be "First Sunday Christians", "Fair Weather Christians", "Luke-warm Christians", "Closet Christians", and the list goes on and on. If God gave us what we deserved... wow, where would we be? It's like my pastor was saying yesterday, we go out of our way to sin. We can go out of town to shop, party, hang out, etc. but when it comes to church we can't even go back for a second service. It's easy for us to curse someone out, but hard for us to say, "Let's pray!" I know this one may get a lot of people, but I'm gonna say it anyway. It's now become easy for us to re-forward a forward about God in an email or text message, but it's hard for us to talk to people about God. The one's I hate the most are the ones that say send this to 20,000 people (lol) or have 7 years of bad luck. How are you gonna forward me something about spreading God's love when you can't even hold a conversation with me about Jesus? How are you gonna tell me that God's not going to bless me when I'm out here trying to win souls to Christ, and you're just trying to forward something so people will "think" you're a Christian?... ok I'm done with that one I had a tantrum for a minute.

So, I say to you try to be more faithful with God and watch Him move in your lifes in ways you never thought possible! Don't expect an overflow of blessings when you're out here partying with the devil all the time! Don't expect an overflow of blessings when you're out here spreading negativity through music, clothes, actions, language, etc... whoa! Don't expect an overflow of blessings when you're out here putting your self in situations where you can't be used by God! Don't expect an overflow of blessings if you can't find an excuse to be in the House of God! Don't expect an overflow of blessings if you're feeding anything kind of trash into your gates(eyes, ears, mouth and touch)! and yes for all of you who are thinking... Who does Mike think he is to be preaching to someone? Believe me all my blogs are as much for me as they are for anyone who will read them. Likewise back on November 9, 2008 when I re-dedicated my life to Christ and decided to stop the cycle of these things in my life is truly when blessings begin to flow!

When I decided to stop posting trash on facebook, myspace, etc. God started blessing! When I decided to share my blessings with others, God begin to bless me with more! When I decided to change my prayer that God present me with opportunities to witness, God started blessing! When I decided to pray for YOU more than I pray for myself, God begin to bless me! When I decided that no matter what that lil' sorry devil throw my way, I will yet trust Jesus then God started blessing!

So for all of you that think the world is so strong and you have to do too much work before you turn to God, I say "GET ON MY LEVEL"! Maybe that will help if I talk a language the world understands. Step yo' Christian SWAG up! Lean Wit it Rock Wit the Spirit of God! Hate on me Hata, you can get Mad at Me, but God gonna Bless Me! Let my Father put A RING ON IT... your life that is! Put on the Whole Armor of God and get Yo Roll On in this CHRISTIAN ARMY!

As always I pray that God blesses anyone who will read this, and all who don't. I pray that my blog will bless someone, and if it blesses you then tell someone else about it. Don't hold blessings to yourself, keep them flowing. God Bless and Love You All!

You're Too Good!

*Deep Breath* God, you are the air I breathe! Your Holy Presence living in me! God I'm desperate for you, I'm lost without you! Thank you for your "Faithfulness"! In spite of all the foolishness I've done over the last 25 years, you've still gave me multiple chances to get it right! Forgive me for my selfishness. Now, Devil here I come, when you see my face I hope it gives you Hell! God Bless You All! Let's Go!