Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let Go

I shared a little inspiration this morning on my twitter, instagram (@des10d4gr8ns) and facebook (Mike Createdtoexcel James) this morning but I just wanted to expound upon the thought a little more. There are so many things that come at us every single day in life that will deter us from the path that we are on, however it is important to remember that God will provide us daily with what we need. So many times we can't move forward because we hold on to too much.

Someone is in a relationship that they feel and know in their heart that is holding them back, but because they "love" the person, or because they don't want to hurt the person's feelings, or because it is easier to stay together, or because breaking up is just so hard... they stay in that cancer of a relationship. LET GO!

Someone has been hurt by people over and over again in life. It seems that every time you give people a chance they find a way to hurt you. You feel like you have, is and will always be in this fight alone. You feel like everyone is out to get you. Now because of that you just can't seem to find joy in any person or situation. LET GO!

Someone has emotional stress from a family member, friend, associate or loved one who died and it seems like they left too soon. It seems as though God wasn't thinking about how it would affect you when He called them home. You wake up everyday and wonder if you will be able to make it through. Nothing keeps you going but the memories you have of them. LET GO!

Someone/anyone/all of us have issues, stresses, events, fears that we face everyday and everyday God gets us through them. Now I'm not saying that it is easier to do, but I'm saying that with God's help and your willingness to move forward you can let go of many of the things that could possibly be holding you back from the next level in life. It is already said in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all this through him who gives me strength. (NIV) So begin to speak that in your life and LET GO!

As always I pray that God blesses each and everyone of you spiritually, socially, physically and financially. All is ask in return is that you pray the same prayer for me. Share Life, Let's Go!

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