Sunday, October 18, 2009

I want to know your ways:not just your works!

So, it’s been a while since I wrote and there are a few things that have been on my mind to write about. Sometimes in life we confuse struggling with growing. It seems as though sometimes we will never get to the status where we would like to be, but sometimes we just have to sit back and ask ourselves where does God want us to be. Well, as for me I know that God has been really dealing with me and growing me spiritually. My pastor, Bishop Jim Lowe, has been just teaching us on sharing life, getting closer to God, dying to self and many other topics. Through the study and meditation of what I’m learning, I’ve come to realize that I want to know God’s ways, and not just His works. I do realize that I should not be chasing after things created, when I can just chase after the creator!
Too many times in life we want to just see or receive the material blessings in life, but if we could just learn God’s ways we could find favor to be able to get blessings. I realize that sometimes I don’t consult God enough when faced with a big decision. One passage of scripture that was taught on a few Sundays back at church was Exodus 33:11-16. In this passage of scripture Moses had led the people of Israel out of Egypt, but now he was faced with how to lead them now that they were free. Moses asked God to show him his ways so that he would continue to find favor with him. That really hits home for me because I want to know God’s ways so I can find favor. I know if I have favor, God will be with me in whatever I do. Likewise, sometimes favor aint fair. Well, Mike what do you mean?... When you have God’s favor on your life you can do things that everyone else can’t seem to make any sense of. God starts using you when everyone says it’s impossible.
More importantly than anything else, when God blesses me or when He gives me favor I want it not just for myself, but I want to bless others. That is why I write, that is why I post positive messages all the time in my status updates; it’s simply that I may bless others in any way that I can. It really makes me happy when someone lets me know that something I said or something I wrote helped them get through their day. It makes my day complete when I know that I helped you get through your day. So if you read this pray for me. Just simply ask that God would continue to show me what my purpose is and that He would show me His ways. As always God Bless, and I love you.

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