Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't Let Anyone Tell You What God Can't Do

So, I decided to write something up again. I wanted to write about something that has been on my mind since September 18, 2009. Too many times in life we are our own obstacle. There are sometimes when you need to sit down, stop worrying and let God deal with some things for you. Well, my wife and I now know this first hand; that's what I'm going to write about today. It's about something very simple that I've learned, and that is... Don't Let Anyone Tell You What God Can't Do. The sad thing is that many times that someone is ourselves.

It has truly been a blessed year for my wife, Felicia, and I. We joined our church back in October, and immediately God started blessing us. In November I got a new car, and at the turn of the New Year we were putting in a contract on a new house, and as most of you know we got married in July!(Yay us) Now of course we know that every time God blesses you or elevates you, the devil tries to attack. However, I know that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord!

So, in March they begin to build our house [the house that God gave us the good mind to design very well from the ground up might I add(brick, doors, floors, carpet, roof, counter tops, cabinet, etc.)] If any of you kept up with me around that time, yall should remember I was taking yall on the journey with us around that time by putting up an album called, Felicia and I's Newest Blessing. So, I would post pics up every time we would come to check on the house. Now we have established that God had really started blessing us. So, here comes satan trying to attack. In April Felicia got laid off from her job. Did she immediately start stressing? Did we lose hope? NO, we immediately claimed that if God brought us to it He could bring us through it. Felicia immediately stepped out on faith and begin looking for jobs everywhere... literally everywhere. Her new job became looking for a job. We told our pastor and some other church family to pray for us. People begin to pray, and Felicia kept searching. April had gone by... no job. May had gone by... no job. By this time it was getting harder to stay strong knowing that the wedding was coming up. Things started to look pretty dim for us. However, we still kept the faith and tried to maintain a great attitude in the midst of the storm. God gave us favor with the people in the community we were trying to move to. So, when we stopped coming out to the community as much they knew something was wrong.

Now most of June had gone by... no job. Somewhere in that time though, Felicia had an interview with the University of Alabama. Felicia told me, the facebook world and twitter world that she was going to knock out that interview. When she left she made us aware that she smoked the interview. We prayed and waited, and at the end of June they offered Felicia the job. She started working on July 20th... PRAISE GOD! God showed up again and blessed us. However, by this time the house had already been built and waiting for almost 2 months. Remember though I told you God had given us favor with the people in the community. So, even after they found out about Felicia's lay off they kept telling us that it was our house and they were going to work with us. When they found out Felicia got hired, they were just as happy as we were. In the meantime, satan thought it was his turn to attack again. We now had to close on the house. Throughout the entire month of August we dealt with our mortgage back and forth, back and forth. We begin to think maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I went and talked to one of the ministers at my church and just told her that maybe we weren't going to be able to get the house. She immediately reminded me of what everyone had told us... "Mike that is yall's house though". Around that time, I even got a little discouraged and that is when I took the albums down off of facebook. We even begin looking for apartments. Then God stepped in and said, devil That's Enough.

Felicia came home one day and told me that there were some miscalculations, and that we could get the house. In my mind, I was thinking I know. On one bright sunny day in September, the 18th day we walked into the closing of our Newest Blessing... a beautiful home that we know God blessed us with. It was nothing that we had done; it was truly by the grace and mercy of God. So, when someone tells you that you can't make it; when someone tells you that it's not for you; when someone tells you that you're not qualified; when someone tells you that it shouldn't be... Just look at them and say No One Can Tell Me What God Can't Do! Stop being your biggest obstacle and step out on faith with some things in your life. Now, the catch is you have to make sure you stay in God's will and He will take care of the little things in your life, and yes I said little because there is nothing to hard for my God to workout. He is the Creator of all things that you can ever want or need.

Well, family as always I hope that this blog helps someone in some way. As always I pray that God will continue to bless you all spiritually, socially, physically, mentally, and financially. I love you all, and remember... SHARE LIFE John 3:36

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  1. God bless you brother! I love it!