Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sometimes, Just Listen...

It's amazing sometimes what will happen if we would just zone out all distractions and just listen. Something happened to me today that I just had to write about. I was just driving home today, and I so happened to be listening to a song that I've heard a thousand times before over the last few years. I was listening to I'm Yours by Men of Standard feat. Tye Tribbett on their Surrounded album, and I was just really thinking about the words and I begin to cry just thinking of the words. It is truly my prayer, so for some of you that may not have heard it, I'll share the words with you. Go to youtube and check it out in your quiet time.

Here I am again knocking at your door. I know that I have sinned, but please let me in. You're used to my mouth talking but listen to my heart, I'm sure that you can see I really want to be free. I'm chasing after you, I'm such a desperate man and if you let me catch you, I'll be your's. Lord, I'm your's.

I know I said this once before you know sometimes I change, but you remain the same. I used to sing a song, because there was a song to sing, but now I sing for you My God My King and I'll forever be your's. Lord, I'm your's.

No one else can take your place. I've been in love before, but no one ever made me feel this way. No longer on my own, I'm never alone because you're with me Lord. Lord, I'm your's! Lord, I'm your's, yes I'm your's!!!

Although, I know this is a short one I hope it blesses someone. God bless you all and as always I love you. Continue to pray that God blesses me Spiritually, Socially, Mentally, Physically and Financially and I will do the same for you.

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