Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank God for your spider webs!

I wake up bright and early every day and head to work. So as I walked out of the house this morning and begin to walk out the door, I noticed a huge spider web in the walkway by the front door. I immediately go back in the house and then into the garage to get the tool that we have to remove spider webs. I then let up the garage and go around the long way so I can remove the spider web. Now I know you’re sitting there reading this and thinking, “What in the world is Mike going with this one?” I’ll answer that one later in the blog… wait for it, wait for it.

I was in bible study tonight, and my pastor Bishop Jim Lowe of the Guiding Light Church was talking to us about David hiding in a cave when Saul was trying to kill him. Well, the way he escaped is by a spider web. A spider has spun a web over the opening of the cave. When Saul saw this he figured it was no way someone could be in the cave without the web being broken. So, he was telling us how God can use anyone or anything even something as small as a spider to intervene on His behalf. I work with the media ministry at my church, so tonight I was running the microphone for people who had questions. As I’m standing there listening… boom it hit me, I had my next blog. So get to the point Mike!

Immediately after I heard my pastor talking about that story, I thought back to this morning. Who knows what accident that spider web slowed me down from? Who knows what mistake or mishap that spider web slowed me down from? At that very moment I just realized that sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that make the most difference. While I’m standing there I just begin to reflect on the last few months in my life. Although I’m always trying to inspire and encourage people, the last few months have been a little stressful for me because I let it stress me. Focusing on work and not completely on God got me distracted, when all along if I focus on God and seek first His Kingdom, He’ll take care of the rest. Then I looked up and said, “Thank God for my spider web!” I look at the last few months as my spider web. Things were not going as I expected, but sometimes we have to allow God to order things. It may not always go as expected, but Thank God for your spider web! Plans make sometimes fail, but Thank God for your spider web! Friends may turn their back on you, but Thank God for your spider web! Sometimes you experience lack, but Thank God for your spider web!

I always pray that God order my steps, and that I am lead, guided and directed in every single aspect of my life in the way He would have me to go. I realize that sometimes you have walk with your head held high knowing that when He’s in control no matter how rough it gets, it will work out in your favor. So I encourage each of you to be steadfast in trusting God. You may be going through a rough patch right now that you may feel just will not end. Look at that situation and speak a word over it and take dominion over it. If God brought you to it, He can definitely get you through it. There is nothing too hard for Him. As always this blog is as much for me as it is for you. I pray that God continues to lead, guide and direct you; likewise I pray that God will continue to bless you spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and financially and I ask the you pray the same for my life. God bless, and love you. Share Life-Let’s Go!

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