Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Me Again Daddy!

Look Daddy, I know you have this whole world in your hands. I know you have riches that there is no word to describe. I know that at anytime you can work mighty miracles in anyone's life. So now Father I ask that you forgive me if I get in your way. Lord I'm at the place in life where I know if I ask you for something in Jesus's Name and leave it to you, you are able to work it out. So Daddy, as I have already told you bless me with the career that is in line with my divine potential. Bless me with a career that is going to bring me happiness as well as great finances. So, Daddy right now I am trusting you to work a mighty miracle in Felicia's and My life in Jesus Name. Likewise Father, the Man of God that you have place in our lives, reminds us all the time that the end result of obedience is always increase. So Father right now we are expecting our increase so that we might be able to go out and share our tesimony. Daddy just forgive me for always getting in your way!

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