Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amazing to Me!

It is truly amazing to me how we can wake up every morning, have our life, health and strength, have clothes to put on our backs, some food to eat, have a job to go to in this down economy(even if it is not the job we want), go to school, do everything we take for granted and not thank God once during our "what we call busy day". Well, as I said before I will continue to spread the Joy of Jesus through my testimony and my blessings! God has and is too good to me for me not to spread it. Bless the Lord O My Soul and all that is within Me! My Pastor talked about the importance today of the testimony. God is really doing wonderful things in Felicia and My Life! Our house is about to be built, we're getting married in July and one of our good friends is paying for our honeymoon! (Thank You Jesus) The greatest of our worries are becoming the least of our worries. You already know about my new car God blessed me with. My career is about to go places I never imagined, as well as Felicia's! Felicia is soon to get her new car. Yes, some may say "How are yall doing all of this in a down economy? Are you all not scared of all of these big moves?" Well, if you knew like I knew that all these things are not being done by our hands, but by the work of the Lord in our lives you wouldn't even question it as we are not questioning God. In fact we know we are Covenant Children of God, so this and many other blessings are just a little of what we can expect as long as we honor the Covenant of God in our lives! Once again, as I will remain to do in all of my posts I pray God's blessings on anyone who reads this! For I know I was created to excel and not fail, that is my divine potential!

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  1. As human beings we tend to take a lot of things for granted. Sometimes I wonder why God created flaws in us, I think the obstacles He throws in our path are true tests to well....test our faith and see how we handle certain situations. I have to start rebuilding my faith because it seems as if it has been missing since Kentrell passed away. I am glad to read these blogs and get encouraging messages that mysteriously hit home....everything happens for a reason, it was meant for you to say "Hey Shalaia" today and it was meant for me to come and read your blogs. I am so happy for you and Felicia!! Behind every man is a good solid woman and I do believe Felicia is your foundation! Thank you again for lifting my spirits...tomorrow will be a brand new day for me!