Friday, February 6, 2009

Guaranteed Blessings (written January 30, 2009)

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog and I have thought about writing one every since my last one. This one really makes me happy to even think about. I was raised in the church being a PK(preacher kid) and all, so I was taught the power of prayer and how to be a Christian. However, maybe because of different life events or because I just didn't get it living as a Christian seem to be a struggle. When I came to college I visited different churches, and then later I begin to play the drums for a church only as a job though and I was not growing spiritually. Well, one of the churches that I visited from time to time was Guiding Light Church here in Birmingham. From the first time I visited I always enjoyed service and even more I loved the messages that the pastor, Bishop Jim Lowe would bring. Then in the last year or so it starting really being heavy on my heart for my fiance', Felicia and I to join. Bishop Lowe would always say those powerful words, "Harden not your heart to the voice of the Lord". So back in October 2008, we finally joined our church. It seems as though immediately after we joined God begin to pour blessings into my life. Another message that my pastor always tell us is that he gives us the uncut word of God, so go out and kick the Devil's butt and if you don't it's your fault. So I begin to change my mind and outlook about the way I looked at life in general. Then his messages shifted towards God's Covenant and how to stay blessed. Basically he was trying to get us to see that the way you guarantee your blessings is that you unrelentlessly give God honor for the blessings he has bestowed upon you and pray blessings on others. Then in November, I re-dedicated my life to Christ and blessings got even greater. Then as you know I began to be tested almost immediately. I've been tested in the faithfullness of paying my tithes. I've been tested in the act of witnessing and giving my testimony, and a host of other ways. I can truly say that I keep God in my corner and he gets me through it every time. Likewise, this past Sunday he did a call to the congregation who wanted more of God to come to the alter. Knowing, because of what he has taught us, that is the true way to excel in life and that everything we do must be to the Glory of God I went to the altar, and as I prayed I heard these words. "Now all of you who came to the altar, just know that you're gonna be blessed but you're also going to be tested." God tests your faith at every level you accomplish in life to see if you're ready to be catapulted to the next level. So... yes I'm being tested every day, but I think back to the words of Steve Harvey, "If you can just keep God in your corner, he will take care of you. You don't have to go to him in a special way. You don't have to be perfect, but just talk to him!" Now every chance I get, I praise God and say thank you!So now that I've gave you a background let me secure my continued blessings by telling you how God has been blessing me. One month after I joined my church, God blessed me to be able to get the exact new car I wanted (2009 Toyota Camry SE V6, leather, heated seats, compass in the mirror, navigation system, jbl audio 4 disc changer sound system, 3.5L duel overhead cam engine, etc.)! Yeah, Praise God. Around the same time, God begin to make me feel overwhelmed about my jobs. I go to work every day excited to work with my clients and my kids! During the Christmas season, clients all together gave me over $400 in money and gift cards. Now the newest blessing is Felicia and I have been looking for a house and we meet with our realtor Saturday to possibly sign our contract(Pray for us)! I can go on and on. My whole purpose of writing all of these words is to let you know that no matter or regardless of the situation that you are going through right now, you should know that it is nothing to hard for God. If God healed the sick and raised the dead, then why can't he take care of a bothersome co-worker for you? Why can't he take care of a deadbeat relationship for you? Why can't he take care of a new car for you? Why can't he take care of a new house for you? Why can't he take care of a job period for you? Why can't he heal your sicknesses?... It is simply because you don't believe and I say that with all sincerety. Believing is an action, If you praying to God for anything, then believe and go get it. So many times we get in our own way, God has already worked it out he's just waiting on you to get out of the way and let him move. That doesn't mean do nothing, it just simply means claim it and believe it when you do!I pray God's blessings on anyone who takes the time to read all of these thoughts that were just on my mind, and I ask that in return you would pray for me and all those in your life... family, loved ones, friends, associates, co-workers, even your enemies.P.S. Forgive me for any spelling or grammatical errors. I started typing and did not stop until..... now!

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