Friday, February 6, 2009

An Idol Mind is the Devil's Workshop(Written July 20, 2008)

An Idol Mind is the Devil's Workshop

When I was younger I heard that all the time, and I always wondered what it meant. Now that I'm older, I've just begin to get some kind of understanding of what it means. This morning in church the sermon was about destiny. The scripture that he focused on was the one (forgive me for forgetting the passage) where it says if you ask, it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open unto you. Well, of course that is a familiar passage also, but he broke it down in a good way today. He said people usually just stop at asking, but after you ask you have to seek what you have asked for then when you find where you're trying to go you have to knock. I also heard someone on tv talking about how they avoid doing bad things or unnecessary things in their spare time. Their response was they don't allow themselves to have to much spare time. In other words even if it is reading a book or researching something you have to stay busy. The last few weeks have been pretty rough for me. After two weeks off of work and exercise, its rough to get back in the groove of things. Then I said to myself, "Self you gotta do what you always tell everyone else(It's like Nike, Just Do It!)" So, starting today, I'm going to try to regain control and stay busy. I realize that if you want something it's not just going to flop in your lap. You have to ask for it, then you have to seek it, and when you find it you have to knock. I figure if I keep busy with positive thoughts and deeds, I wont have time for any negativity to make its way into my life.

An Idol Mind Is the Devil's Workshop

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