Sunday, February 22, 2009

Revelations from God!

I title this blog as I do because that is exactly what I am expecting from God! As you know from my last entry I am sustaining from the internet for 7 days. Its amazing that I did it on yesterday because today my pastor, Bishop Lowe, was telling us that God has 7 days to show up and take care of some things concerning Guiding Light and I was like "Woah!" So I am expecting God to reveal himself in ways I never imagined this week. I'm expecting revelations on how I can contribute to my ministry! I'm expecting revelations on how God is going to do a new thing in my finances! I'm expecting revelations on Felicia, my fiance', will get that job that God has for her to allow her to be in church! I'm expecting revelations on where God wants me to go in my career! I'm expecting revelations on how to have a wonderful marriage and always put God first! I'm expecting revelations on spiritual, mental, social, physical and financial blessings! These things I expect because my Sheperd has taught me that I am a covenant child and because the end result of obedience is always increase! For I was created to excel and not fail, that is my divine potential!

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  1. Thank you Jesus! I recceived the job/career the Lord has for me. Mike you are amazing and know that your words are not spoken in vain. God has more ears and eyes and He knows your heart. You are blessed in the Name of Jesus. I love you my soon to be husband!