Friday, February 6, 2009

I need prayer! (written January 1, 2009)

You know in life sometimes it seems like we don't know which way to turn. It seems as though everytime we're doing good, there is some problem to knock us back down a step or two. However, it is a true sign that God is dealing with us. When you're not trying to do right or live right everything seems so easy. It's like Kanye said, "Everything that supposed to be bad makes me feel so good, and everything they told me not to is exactly what I would." Now, God has been dealing with me to help me to realize that the road is called straight and narrow for a reason. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward! Likewise when it seems as though nothing is ever right, it is God way of testing you to see if he can take you to that next level. I've noticed that everytime it seems as though I'm struggling blessings come unexpected and out of no where. Then it's like I hear a small voice say, "I told you not to worry!" So my prayer request is for everyone that is reading this to pray that I stay out of God's way and let him work when I ask him to. There's a gospel song out there that says, If you're gonna pray don't worry. That is the true test of a Christian. I know that God is dealing with me in a special way and has great things in store for me in 09 that started in 08, so pray for me that I stay in the Will of Good to be blessed!

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