Friday, February 6, 2009

Life is like Nike, Just Do It (written June 18 2008)

Hello all,
This is my first blog on here, and in it I'll just write about a motto that I've started to apply to things in my life. My occupation is a personal trainer, so a lot of what I'll blog about is health and fitness. However, this particular blog applies to life in general. Sometimes in life we make things harder than what they really are; for some of us we try to find every excuse in the book. However, if you always try to start with small steps you can achieve anything.
-It's like Nike, Just Do It!-
If you're wanting to get in better shape and begin to eat right, you don't have to take drastic measures. Everyone has to start somewhere. So stop getting mad when you can't get that front park at Wal-Mart. Park in the back and get your butt out and walk. Stop taking the elevator and escalator all the time; take the steps. Stop drinking so much soft drinks, artificial flavored juices, etc. Drink more water, believe me it helps. Cut back on fast foods, whole milks, cheeses, breads, fatty meats(i.e. most red meat especially fried) start preparing more food at home and pack your lunches when you head out. Stick to more lean meats(i.e. turkey, chicken breast, fish) if it runs, swims or move around all day is better than having a piece of cow or pig...think about it they sit around all day and either eat grass or slop!
-It's like Nike, Just Do It!-
I've learned to even watch my finances more, my girlfriend always tells me cut out any unnecessary spending. If you can just start to take out 25-50 dollars out of each pay check, over time that adds up. Sometimes we complain about not having money, then we turn around and eat out all week and buy unnecessary things.
-It's like Nike, Just Do It!
The last thing is about your religious walk. We as Christians try to make this walk so hard. I listen to the Steve Harvey Morning show almost everyday. He comes on from 5a.m.-9a.m. CST on weekdays. Every morning he starts out with inspiration for the day and a gospel song. He always says, "No one is perfect, but if you can just keep God close and in your corner that's half the battle" I totally agree, sometimes we try to make things so hard we miss the blessings that God is trying to give us on a daily basis. So, just keep him close. Be thankful in everything. Now this one is sometimes harder than it should be, but try to start and end every day by just talking to him for a while and thanking him for what he has done, what he is doing, and what he is going to do.
-It's like Nike, Just Do It!-
In closing, you make think well what qualifies Mike to write something like this. The answer is nothing, this blog is as much to me as it is inspiration to at least one person who will read it. As I told him, my older brother Darrell James inspired me to start blogging. If you get a chance try to add him on myspace. He only has two blogs right now, but I would advise you to check it out. Like he said, stay tune and remember my name. I am coming, I am destined for greatness, and no one can stop me! God Bless You All!
-It's like Nike, Just Do It!-
p.s. please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, College made me like saying that, but I'm only joking)

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