Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Mothers Never Really Die, They Just Keep House Up In the Sky.
Death beckoned her with outstretched hand
And whispered softly of "An Unknown Land"
But she was not afraid to go
For though the path she did not know,
She took Death's Hand without fear,
For He who safely brought her here
Had told her He would lead the way
Into Eternity's Bright Day...
And so she did not go alone
Into the "Valley That's Unknown"
She gently took Death by The Hand
And journeyed to "The Promised Land"...
And there, with step so light and gay,
She polishes the sun by day
And lights the stars that shine at night
And keeps the moonbeams silvery bright...
For Mothers never really die,
They just "Keep House Up In the Sky"...
And in the Heavenly Home Above
They wait to "welcome" those they love.
This is a poem that my Senior Advisor, Mrs. McTier gave me in high school. I never even expected it, but when she gave it to me it was right on time. Well, recently my cousins' grandmother went on to be with the Lord and hopefully they will read this and it will bring some of the same comfort that it brought me. Love you Toni, Nina, Tecee, Robbie and Edwin! God Bless you all in your time of need.

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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful poem, it means so much to us. May God's love and joy continue to shine upon you as much as it has shined upon us.